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Culture and Climate

Lincoln’s School Norms are:

  • Our words & actions matter = makes us a safe community
  • We are responsible for ourselves and each other = ownership & care for our community
  • We work to build, strengthen, and repair our relationships = we recognize that sometimes harm will be done, and repairing is as critical as building and strengthening

In support of student well being and connectivity,

  • Teachers consistently engage in the Restorative Practices framework, utilizing preventative and proactive strategies including Morning Meeting, sharing circles and restorative language.
  • Staff members (including teachers, para-professionals, and other staff) use affective statements and questions across all settings in order to create teachable moments and foster an inclusive school environment. Staff members engage in ongoing professional learning in order to create consistency in restorative practices across classrooms and environments.
  • Branching Minds data is reviewed regularly by the School Climate and Culture Team to identify trends and needs for proactive measures.

The following principles reflect the values and concepts for implementing restorative practices. Under each principle are some of its important implications.

  1. Acknowledges that relationships are central to building community.
  2. Builds systems that address misbehavior and harm in a way that strengthens relationships.
  3. Focuses on the harm done rather than only on rule-breaking.
  4. Gives voice to the person harmed.
  5. Engages in collaborative problem solving.
  6. Empowers change and growth.
  7. Enhances Responsibility.