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Our Team

Chasity Beckless, Principal

As an educator and professional, I have 14 years of experience in providing exceptional teaching, coaching, strategic planning, administration and professional development to elementary and middle school educators. I hold a Masters of Education in elementary teaching, an Educational Specialist degree in Curriculum and Teaching, and a second Masters of Education in administration and leadership. My collegiate credentials serving in various school systems ahs allowed me to successfully execute and achieve academic and social emotional goals within schools that maximize student outcomes.

As an equity oriented leader, I am very passionate about providing access and opportunities for all students that aid in closing the achievement and opportunity gap that exists in education. As a mother of four children, I lead as an advocate for students because I view them as a part of my extended family. Every student has diverse needs and deserves a quality education to help them achieve their definition of success.

I approach leadership with excellent communication skills and by focusing on transparency and win-win solutions. I partner with stakeholders to create and maintain a positive environment that believes in providing the highest form of service and success for staff, families and students through (1) education (2) empowerment (3) partnerships and (4) purposeful data driven strategies. Leading with integrity and equity is a priority and I am to intentionally and consistently increase the positive experiences for staff, students and families that I serve.

Dr. Michael Shapiro, Assistant Principal

A long-time resident of the Evanston-Skokie area, I am thrilled to be making a contribution to the community I have called home for over two decades. Lincoln’s mission “to foster a lifelong love of learning in a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment” thoroughly aligns with my core beliefs in the purpose of education.

The 2023-24 school year marks my 27th year in education. I began my career as a computer lab assistant/cadre substitute at Sacred Heart Schools in Chicago. My first administrative position was as an assistant principal at Park Junior High in LaGrange Park where I served for two years. I then spent three years as an assistant principal at Cooper Middle School in Buffalo Grove before moving on to be the principal at Shepard Middle School in Deerfield. After seven years at Shepard, I made a personal and professional leap to Highland Academy Charter School, an individualized, competency-based learning environment for 6th – 12th grade students in the Anchorage School District in Anchorage, Alaska where I served for five years as principal.

“Learning occurs when ...each teacher sees his or her content and class through the eyes of the students (and) ...each student sees him or herself as his or her own best teacher.” This student-centered view best encapsulates my educational philosophy. I would add that each of us needs to see every student as a whole child, and take responsibility not only for the child’s academic learning and growth, but his/her social-emotional learning and growth, as well. We have a responsibility to prepare our students to be vital and contributing members of their community in particular and society in general. We must create a culture of learning that doesn’t tolerate differences, it embraces them. We must cultivate young men and women who have the ability to be global citizens and leaders among their peers.

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