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Programs and Initiatives

We are proud to present a diverse range of activities and initiatives aimed at fostering growth, creativity, and community engagement. We currently support the following programs and are always interested in expanding our offerings to represent the interests and needs of our Lincoln community. If you are interested in bringing other enrichment programming to Lincoln, please email us at

EISMA concerts: Evanston In-School Music Association (EISMA) is a nonprofit arts and education organization dedicated to Inspiring Students, Supporting Local Musicians, and Connecting Community by presenting professional live music programs that bring the joy and appreciation of diverse musical genres to all Evanston elementary and middle school students. The PTA sponsors four EISMA concerts per school year.

Griffin’s Tale: Griffin's Tale, Northwestern University's only Children's Repertory Theatre Company, takes stories and poems written by kids in the Evanston and Chicago areas and turns them into skits, sketches, songs, raps, dances, and more!  The PTA sponsors the Griffin’s Tale performance at Lincoln at the end of the school year. 

Science Fair: Designed to ignite curiosity and cultivate a love for discovery, Lincoln’s annual science fair brings together budding young scientists from across grade levels. Students are encouraged to unleash their imaginations and delve into the fascinating world of scientific inquiry. Through hands-on experiments, innovative projects, and insightful presentations, participants have the opportunity to showcase their scientific prowess and engage with the principles of the scientific method. The PTA provides volunteer support for the Science Fair.

Bookery: Bookery offers a diverse selection of age-appropriate books, carefully curated to cater to the varied interests and reading levels of our students. With the aim of promoting literacy and fostering a lifelong habit of reading, Bookery enables students to take home one book, free of charge. The PTA provides funding and volunteer support for the Bookery program. 

Cultural Heritage Night: Lincoln’s Cultural Heritage Night celebrates the diversity of our community and provides an opportunity for families to learn about different cultures and traditions. The festival features cultural displays, music, dance, and food from around the world. We invite families to participate by sharing their own cultural heritage. The PTA provides funding and volunteer support for Cultural Heritage Night.