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PTA Budget and Fundraising

The PTA presents its draft annual budget at the final general meeting of the preceding school year. The finalized budget is presented and voted on at the first general meeting of the school year. 

The draft budget for the 2023-24 school year can be viewed here.

The financial report for the preceding school year is presented at the first general meeting by the audit committee. If you are interested in participating in the audit committee, please email us at

The PTA provides financial support to a number of school and community programs, including:

  • Books and Breakfast
  • Lincoln Food Pantry
  • YEA!
  • Justin Wynn Fund
  • Field trip transportation expenses
  • Enrichment (EISMA, Griffin's Tale, Science Fair, Bookery, Cultural Heritage Night)
  • Teacher Support (Conference meals, Teacher Appreciation Week, classroom grants)
  • Events (Fall Fest, On the Playground, Holiday Market, Spring Social)

Lincoln PTA Fundraising  

Our fundraising initiatives aim to support and enhance our students' educational experiences, while fostering a sense of community and togetherness. We provide a variety of opportunities for community members to contribute, including:

  • Online/recurring donations
  • Matching gifts
  • Spiritwear sales
  • A-thons
  • Suggested donations at events (in lieu of ticket sales)
  • Restaurant partnerships
  • T-shirt fundraisers
  • Coin change drives
  • Book fairs
  • Food drives
  • And more!

We also support district-wide fundraising initiatives like the PEP Pumpkin Sale in the Fall and Native Plant Sale in the Spring. 

PEP One Fund 

In 2020, D65 PTAs voted to implement the PTA Equity Project (PEP) One Fund through the 2023-24 school year. All D65 PTAs pool their fundraising at the end of the school year and the collected funds are distributed to PTAs based on equality and equity calculations. PTAs receive their distribution in July for the following school year. PTAs will be voting on the next extension of One Fund in December 2023. To learn more about PEP One Fund, click this link.

Your Donations Make This Possible!

We accept donations via our website, Paypal, or Venmo